I didn’t understand your phone message

Hi Steve,

I didn’t understand your phone message. You can hit reply to this blog and anyone can post to it with your question or issue. Good luck!


February 2015

Hi Steve, I got your phone message. Thank you for thanking me! It is good to hear that you did indeed get my gifts to you. I heard your message that you are going to a nursing home. That sounds like a good change. I heard from a case worker of yours who thought I was your mother! That is strange, isn’t it? They should know who your relatives are! There are so few! She wanted to know a few things about family history, like where you were born and birth order. So many things I didn’t know. Oh well. I trust that you will do everything you can to make it nice for the nursing home to have you. Just look around and see what you can do for others. There is always something nice you can do for someone else. Just a simple smile and hello are very nice. It is nice to have a home and warm meals. I hope you think of that and are appreciative of the simple good things that God is giving you. The simple things are often the best things. Take good care and enjoy your new home. Love, Beth

January 2015

Hi Steve, I thought I would drop you a quick note. I haven’t seen any comments on the blog for awhile. I’ve had a couple of phone messages from you so I’m assuming you are doing well. Did you get my birthday card and money? Did you get my Christmas card and money? It is nice to hear that you did indeed get them. Otherwise, I have no way of knowing. It is polite and good manners to say thank you! I am channeling our mother there who was a Southern Belle. I think I’ve instilled some good manners in my kids! Good manners helps us all live together peacefully. We certainly could stand for some good manners in the world. I’m thinking of the Middle East, a truly unsolvable situation! The flu is really going around here. It seems everyone is catching it. I see on the news that Oklahoma is having an epidemic of the flu. Did you get it? Did you get the flu shot? I did, I will see if it helps. I sure hope so! Well, that is about all. I am still recovering from Christmas and have to take the decorations down. I’m enjoying Christmas less and less each year. I think that is part of getting old. The routine and expectations are so much! And I have a bad foot, so it hurts to get around at all. I’m starting to sound like an old person! I guess I have to admit that I am indeed old. Well, that is all for now. I’ll be checking for comments on the blog. Love, Beth

It is November, your birthday month

Hi Steve,
November is here and that means you are having a birthday. I believe you are turning 52 years old. That is a great number. That is many years on this earth. I will be turning 57 years old. I can’t believe that 60 is sneaking up on me. You will also be 60 before you know it! Weren’t the elections interesting? Now the Republicans have a few short years to really get something done. If they don’t impress America, the vote will then swing the other way and people will vote for Democrats. I definitely see some big problems in America. The debt is absolutely overwhelming. I believe I have heard that if each American family contributed about $130,000 to the debt, we could get it paid off. I wonder how that is going to happen. I can imagine that the Chinese will just come to America and repossess it when we can’t pay it back. It is really crazy making. We have been living beyond our means for a long time. And the immigration problem is real. Congress hasn’t wanted to work on it because each member of Congress didn’t want to lose their job, so they just kept passing on working on it. The weather has been nice, hasn’t it. I love fall and the comfortable temperatures and beautiful colors of changing leaves. I don’t even mind the winter when I can stay inside and work on inside projects – like sewing and reading.
You can write a poem about nature. That would be a lovely gift. I will send you a birthday card with some money in it. Be sure and let me know that you got it. I’ll send it closer to your birthday. Well, that is about all for me. Take good care. Love, Beth

Spring is Here

Hi Steve,
Sounds like you have forgotten the blog name. I will mail it to you. You just have to go to this website and you can post a comment on what I have written. It is nice to be getting past winter, isn’t it? It was a hard winter for much of the country. What is new in Oklahoma? There will be a lot of elections this fall of 2014. It will be interesting to see if there is a shift of power from the Democrats to the Republicans. Everything is cyclical, so I predict yes. Not much is going on for me here. We are thinking of putting in a garden but still haven’t cleaned up from last year. So much yard work to be done in the spring. I just finished 2 books that I liked. One was “Call the Midwife: A memoir of Birth, Joy, and Hard Times” and the second was “Call the Midwife: Shadows of the Workhouse”. I loved them both. But I always love a memoir, that is a true story about someone’s life. I look forward to hearing from you. Love, Beth

It is a New Year

Hi Steve, I trust you had a good Christmas, birthday, and new year. I did too. The years go faster and faster. I am dieting and working to lose 40 pounds. I’ve lost the 1st 10 and now have 30 to go. It is easy to gain weight and hard to lose it. That seems to be part of getting older. I’ve been making fruit and veggie smoothies with pea protein. It is a way to fill up and not be hungry and have less calories. It is based on the weight watchers system of losing weight. I seem to keep losing and gaining the same weight over and over. Losing weight is hard, keeping it off is even harder. I’m determined because I have a foot that hurts if I walk on it a lot, a back that hurts in the morning, and it is now getting harder to get off the couch. Yikes, I’ve got to do something about this before I end up in a wheelchair! I’m counting on the year going by fast while I’m dieting so that I can look back at the end of the year and be glad I did it. I’m swimming and taking an water aerobics for exercise. My foot hurts too much if I do much walking and running is out of the question. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes. How are things with you? Love, Beth

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday. I hope you have a great day. Aren’t you 51 years old? I’m sorry to hear about your medical problems, it is the not-fun part of growing old. Yes, I will be covered under the new Obamacare. Thankfully! However, our monthly premiums will be $881 per month! That is like another mortgage on our house. Our country has some tough challenges. Healthcare costs are very high and I don’t understand why. The cost for my standard MS treatment is $4,200 per month. I have insurance to pay for it, but really the taxpayers are paying for it and the drug companies are getting rich. Oh well, sorry to get started on that! I hope you have a great birthday. I’ll get a card in the mail to you soon for both Christmas and your birthday. Love, Beth