Spring is in the Air

Hello Steve,

It is nice to finally be getting past winter, isn’t it? It was a really hard winter and I think everyone is glad to be looking towards spring and summer.

Do you follow politics at all? It is a little crazy. I just read a list to make your life better and one of the things to do is to not watch the TV news. Just read the news in the morning and be done with it.

I’m glad you got my birthday and Christmas gifts. That all seems like so long ago doesn’t it?

I’ve been dieting the last few weeks. I picked up a few pounds after Thanksgiving and Christmas and it is time to get those pounds off. I follow a diet plan that I eat 500 calories every other day. And then the next day, I eat whatever I want. It is called the Every Other Day Diet. It works fairly well since you only really suffer every other day. I did this last year and took off 25 pounds. I have a friend who did this and lost 40 pounds. There is science behind it done at the University of Illinois. If you are a man, you do 600 calories every other day.

I also just started taking Lipitor for my high cholesterol and I’m not sure I’m going to be able to tolerate it. It makes me very tired and gave me a stomachache last night. I’ve never done a cholesterol drug before but my doctor recommends it.

Well, that is about all for me. Just pressing forward doing the best I can.





4 thoughts on “Spring is in the Air

  1. Dear Beth, What’s happening? Fine things, I hope. How;s your health. You said your medicine makes you sick. Try taking it with food. Things are strange in Oklahoma. We had lots of earthquakes. It stormed on Christmas. Weather has been good. February was all 80s and 90s. Also, I’m on cigarette patches. Finally, uh? That’s about all. Will write again in one or two weeks. Your brother, Stephen Abel

  2. Dear Beth, what’s happening? Fine things, I hope. It’s getting hot in Oklahoma. Summer is here! Is TrumpCare going to pay for your MS medication? I know it’s a lot. On other things, I am reading off and on. Nothing like a good book. Well, I couple of months ago was the anniversary of the OKC bombing. I was a hundred feet and 5 stories up from the bomb. Well, that’s about all. Will write again in a week or two. I love you very much. Your brother, Stephen Abel

  3. Dear Beth, What’s happening? Fine things, I hop. I’m in a nursing home. There are wheelchairs every where. I use a cane. It keeps me steady. I got a new medical problem. The other day they took a blood test when I was at the heart doctor and said I have diabetes. I don’t need a shot. Just a pill, so it’s not really bad. Well, be good. Will write later.
    Your brother, Stephen Abel
    PS: I love you

  4. Dear Beth,
    How is it going? Awesome, I hope. Almost another year gone by. How time flies.
    Got my hair cut. Was looking like a shaggy dog. Also been watching TV and reading and also going to church. Can’t live without God. Could you send a picture? I don’t know what you look like. That’s about all. Will write in a week or two.
    Your brother,
    Stephen Abel
    P.S. Be good

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