Winter is Coming!

Hi Steve,

Well, summer came and went and so did Fall. But actually, winter doesn’t start for a month. Your birthday is coming right up! I’m putting a card in the mail today with $50.00 for your birthday and Christmas. Happy birthday! Merry Christmas!

Yes, I dropped quite bit of weight this year. About 25 pounds which has really helped my feet. I’m having some physical therapy and they are breaking up some tight facia in my calves that causes some of my posterior tibial tendinitis. It really hurts at the time, but seems to help later.

Well, the election results were no surprise to me. I felt it in my gut and thought the polls were wrong. Typically the country swings back and forth between Democrats and Republicans every 8 years – so I think it was that simple.

I would be delighted with a simple poem for my birthday and Christmas. Just post it in the reply to this.

Happy birthday and Merry Christmas again. God bless you and all those around you.

Love, Beth


2 thoughts on “Winter is Coming!

  1. Dear Beth,
    What’s happening? Good things, I hope. I voted for Clinton, but Trump is President-Elect. Oh well. The Seminole State Softball team cam and saw us the other day. On other things, we had an earthquake the other day, during church services. We’re finally having a little bit cooler weather here, finally! What’s been happening in your life? Same old, same old here. Will write again in a week or two. Oh, and I just saw your reply. I will write a poem for you. Happy birthday! Your brother, Stephen Abel

  2. Dear Beth, what’s happening? Good things, I hope.Well, Trump is President-Elect. Do you think he’ll get us in to a war and also mess up a lot of stuff? We’ll keep our fingers crossed. Well, seasons are changing and finally summer is over.

    Here’s the poem I promised:
    All In a Day’s Time
    Sunrise is a wonder work of art
    We enjoy God’s glorious presence
    Down comes nightfall and at night I rest

    Your brother,
    Stephen Abel

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