Summer is almost over

Hi Steve,

I’m sorry to hear that you probably have Alzheimer’s. That is the pits. I’m glad you pray. Prayer is a lifeline. I pray almost daily and am glad I do. It keeps away depression and sadness and God shows his hand in my life often. The weather is hot everywhere. God knew what he was doing when he made 4 seasons. We all get tired of each and every season. Except for fall, that could last a little longer. I’m also tired of the heat. Soon it will be September and heading into fall and winter. But I will say, summer goes by fast. Are you listening to all the politics? We will have a very interesting election year. I typically vote conservative and will likely vote for Trump, but I need and appreciate my health insurance (Obamacare) which helps me with my exorbitant drug costs ($6,200 a month). Trump wants to get rid of it. Health care costs are ridiculous, especially drug costs. But, really only the voters in Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania count this year because of the electoral college. Your state and my state are likely to vote Republican, so it is really the swing states that will determine the election outcome. Well, that is about it. I better publish this right now. My internet is really bad. It is only good early in the morning before everyone in the neighborhood wakes up and turns on Netflix for the kids. Then it goes to nonexistent!