Spring is Here

Hello, Steve! Wow, a record! 3 replies to a post. It sounds like you are doing well. I’m glad to hear it. I am doing fairly well, not healed of multiple sclerosis, but doing very well for a 58 year old woman. What more could I ask? I’ve lost 13 pounds since last December, with about 10 more to go to hit my goal weight. My feet have been a chronic problem, with multiple sclerosis and flat feet, they don’t work well and hurt often. So, my committed efforts to lose weight are to help my feet feel better. And so that I can keep out of a wheelchair. It is nice to be having nicer weather. This winter has been long and dark and cold. But it makes us appreciate Spring all that much more! And then comes Summer, which is usually too hot! We are sure complainers, aren’t we?! It is just good to be alive and appreciating each and every day. Every day has a blessing in it and a sign of God’s hand in our lives. I challenge you to reflect on each day’s blessing and to be a blessing to others. A cheerful greeting, a sincere and sweet hello, a kind compliment, a thoughtful gesture, all these things testify of God’s love to another person. I hope you have a good spring and can maintain your good attitude and grateful heart. Love, Beth