Well, Hello!

I was pleased to see that you have posted a few letters to our blog. You are sounding good and that you are doing well with life. That is just great news. Those are the sorts of things I like to hear about. The presidential election is very interesting. It sounds like we may have an election between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Most young people only see Hilary Clinton as an old person with old ideas. Bernie Sanders is an outright socialist. There has never been a thriving country and economy that does well with socialism. And Donald Trump is a little crazy, but he is appealing to many who are working their hearts out and getting nowhere. I would have liked to see Ben Carson win, I’ve read several of his books and he is a wise and smart man. I’ve been dieting which is what I always seem to do in the first quarter of every year. My flat feet have been very troublesome the last 8 years and I’m hoping that less weight will help them. The tendons in my feet are wearing out and they hurt a lot. I’ve worn special foot braces that help them recover. I can only be on my feet for an hour or so and then I have excruciating pain. Surgery is extreme, they fuse bones together and such and it doesn’t always work. I don’t have a lot of weight to lose, only about 15 pounds. I’m using the Every Other Day diet. Every other day you eat 500 calories for the day. I lost 10 pounds last year and 10 the year before. Only 15 to go. By the way, would you please tell your social workers that I am your sister. Your mother has been dead since May 2003, almost 13 years ago. They have called several times and want to clear up their records. I am only 5 years older than you. If Mother were alive, she would be almost 78. But, sadly, she isn’t. Well, that is all for now. I look forward to hearing more good things from you. Love, Beth