I didn’t understand your phone message

Hi Steve,

I didn’t understand your phone message. You can hit reply to this blog and anyone can post to it with your question or issue. Good luck!


4 thoughts on “I didn’t understand your phone message

  1. Hello Beth, how is it going? Fine, I hope. Here are three things to help you: You can go online for things to help you. You can get used books cheap at a used book store. You can also get some at Estate Austin. You said being nice to people. I help on a regular basis. There is a guy that uses a walker. I get him iced tea when he wants some. Also, my room mate, I give him extra snacks and when he falls down, I get him help. And a guy with a crippled hand, I open his soda and snacks. Also, I help him with his clothes. Plus, I’ll write more often. I love you very much. Stephen Abel

  2. Dear Beth, How is ig going? Fine I hope. Thank you for the double blessing on my birthday and Christmas money. Got a few things at Wal Mart! I guess we are getting old. Time goes by and by. What do you want me to write about for your birthday present? But on medical stuff, I use a cane to keep me stable. Would the same help you? Going to write more often, like every week or two. I love you very much.
    You brother,

  3. Dear Beth,
    How is it going? Fine, I hope. It was cold for a few days down here in Oklahoma. Other sad things going on in the news. When it rains, it pours. How is your MS doing? It’s you’re going through it. Enjoying going to church. God helps me make it though life. Let me know what you want to write a poem about for your present.
    Your brother,
    Stephen Abel.
    P.S. I love you

  4. Dear Beth, What’s happening? Good things, I hope. What do you think of the Presidential race? Clinton, I hope; the rest would leave us in a mess. I am looking forward to Spring, but not Summer. I pray for you and me every day. God knows what he is doing. I can’t live with out him. Have you been reading books lately? Me too, a little. It’s nice to read. Working on my art. Need to write prose and poetry more often. I’ll write again in a week or two.
    Your brother,
    Stephen Abel
    P.S. You are my hero

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