February 2015

Hi Steve, I got your phone message. Thank you for thanking me! It is good to hear that you did indeed get my gifts to you. I heard your message that you are going to a nursing home. That sounds like a good change. I heard from a case worker of yours who thought I was your mother! That is strange, isn’t it? They should know who your relatives are! There are so few! She wanted to know a few things about family history, like where you were born and birth order. So many things I didn’t know. Oh well. I trust that you will do everything you can to make it nice for the nursing home to have you. Just look around and see what you can do for others. There is always something nice you can do for someone else. Just a simple smile and hello are very nice. It is nice to have a home and warm meals. I hope you think of that and are appreciative of the simple good things that God is giving you. The simple things are often the best things. Take good care and enjoy your new home. Love, Beth


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