January 2015

Hi Steve, I thought I would drop you a quick note. I haven’t seen any comments on the blog for awhile. I’ve had a couple of phone messages from you so I’m assuming you are doing well. Did you get my birthday card and money? Did you get my Christmas card and money? It is nice to hear that you did indeed get them. Otherwise, I have no way of knowing. It is polite and good manners to say thank you! I am channeling our mother there who was a Southern Belle. I think I’ve instilled some good manners in my kids! Good manners helps us all live together peacefully. We certainly could stand for some good manners in the world. I’m thinking of the Middle East, a truly unsolvable situation! The flu is really going around here. It seems everyone is catching it. I see on the news that Oklahoma is having an epidemic of the flu. Did you get it? Did you get the flu shot? I did, I will see if it helps. I sure hope so! Well, that is about all. I am still recovering from Christmas and have to take the decorations down. I’m enjoying Christmas less and less each year. I think that is part of getting old. The routine and expectations are so much! And I have a bad foot, so it hurts to get around at all. I’m starting to sound like an old person! I guess I have to admit that I am indeed old. Well, that is all for now. I’ll be checking for comments on the blog. Love, Beth