It is November, your birthday month

Hi Steve,
November is here and that means you are having a birthday. I believe you are turning 52 years old. That is a great number. That is many years on this earth. I will be turning 57 years old. I can’t believe that 60 is sneaking up on me. You will also be 60 before you know it! Weren’t the elections interesting? Now the Republicans have a few short years to really get something done. If they don’t impress America, the vote will then swing the other way and people will vote for Democrats. I definitely see some big problems in America. The debt is absolutely overwhelming. I believe I have heard that if each American family contributed about $130,000 to the debt, we could get it paid off. I wonder how that is going to happen. I can imagine that the Chinese will just come to America and repossess it when we can’t pay it back. It is really crazy making. We have been living beyond our means for a long time. And the immigration problem is real. Congress hasn’t wanted to work on it because each member of Congress didn’t want to lose their job, so they just kept passing on working on it. The weather has been nice, hasn’t it. I love fall and the comfortable temperatures and beautiful colors of changing leaves. I don’t even mind the winter when I can stay inside and work on inside projects – like sewing and reading.
You can write a poem about nature. That would be a lovely gift. I will send you a birthday card with some money in it. Be sure and let me know that you got it. I’ll send it closer to your birthday. Well, that is about all for me. Take good care. Love, Beth