Halloween is almost here

Hi Steve, How are you? Sounds like you are doing well. That is good to hear. I enjoyed reading “Killing Jesus” by Bill O’Reilly. It was a great history book. Now I am reading “The Family: Three Journeys into the heart of the Twenty First Century” by David Laskin. It is a biography of the author’s family. I also finished reading “Housekeeping” by Marilynne Robinson. It wasn’t my favorite. Not much of a plot but lots of description. It was for my book club so it was someone else’s recommendation. I do enjoy the book club and reading what others enjoy and then discussing the book. Halloween is in a few days. Not my favorite holiday. Seems like such a waste of time, to find a costume, get dressed up, eat too much candy, and what are we celebrating? Thanksgiving and Christmas are much better. Then everything gets pretty busy. Election time is coming soon. I’ll be voting for a better library. We’ll see if it gets passed. No one is liking more taxes these days, so I don’t have high hopes. Take good care. And God bless you.