Fall is in the Air

I can’t believe it is almost back to school time. The year has flown by. It will be Christmas very soon. Can you believe that? Has it been a very hot summer? It has been hot here but still enjoyable. I have a large garden and the corn, broccoli, and tomatoes have been amazing. Grocery store food just doesn’t compare. I’ve been suffering a bit from allergies I believe. A few weeks ago I had a full blown cold which I don’t get but every 5 years or so. Now I won’t have one for another 5 years. Isn’t the unrest in Egypt sad? I fear for our world and our country. But I think that feeling makes me officially old. Isn’t that what every old person says? I haven’t read any great books lately. Some start out good and then I have to skim through the rest or skip right to the end. I just joined a book club, so I’m excited to read some good books and hear about some good books. I’m reading a book now that has lots of good reviews but I’m not loving the bad language and may have to skip to the end on it. That is about it for me. Tell me what is new in your world. Love, Beth