March Madness is coming

March Madness is when there is lots of basketball. I don’t pay attention because I really don’t care about basketball unless Oklahoma is playing. I remember once when Oklahoma was in the playoffs and all of Norman was very excited. I remember going to the grocery store and the store was broadcasting the radio program with the play by play of the basketball game. The whole town and state was very excited. However, they didn’t win, but I still remember hearing the game at the grocery store. Such a long, long time ago! So you have high cholesterol. Well, doesn’t that come with old age? Are you on any medication for that? Like lipitor? It is hard to change your diet and exercise more when you other issues. Such is life. Old age is not for sissys. I’ve learned that. Do you notice how often the term “endure to the end” is mentioned in the bible? It is there for a reason, not because someone was looking for a clever ending to the sentence. Enduring is just another test of life. Well, I hear on the news more blizzards and bad weater has come your way. It can’t last forever. March is almost here! Take good care and God bless you. Love, Beth