Nothing is new here

There is absolutely nothing new here. Just reading a biography on George Washington and trying to outlast winter. What is new with you?


February is 1/2 Over

Hi Steve, Well, it sounds like you are doing well. I just finished an awesome book: Citizens of London: The Americans Who Stood with London at its Darkest, Finest Hour. I learned to be just simply amazed at the quality of the country of Great Britian during World War II. I enjoyed your poem, I know you like to write poetry. I think creativity runs in the family, a lot of us like creative outlets. I like to sew, clothes, crafts, and quilts. I love being in my sewing room and being creative and constructive. I also simply love to read. I think I am now an official old person. Don’t old women like to read, sew, and quilt? I see that in obituraries all the time. I guess something needs to be written about me and the hobbies I like. So much of life is simply sustaining ourselves and trying to do a little good. I don’t watch much TV, it takes too much time and isn’t really that great. I do like to watch “The Middle” and “Modern Family”. And that is all I watch. I get the news from the internet like most of America. Well, that is all for now. Take good care. Love, Beth