Good Books in January

It sounds like you are enjoying Guideposts Condensed Books. I have always enjoyed Guideposts, I’m sure their books are also great. I just finished “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak. That was a great book about a girl during WWII and how she loves books and words and how she and her family were hiding a Jew in their basement. It was such a good book, I would recommend it. Also, it is written for 9th grade level, so it is easy to read. I also just read “Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. I would recommend this one too. I’ve started some others but wasn’t interested enough to finish them. That is what is great about being older, not feeling committed to finishing a book if I don’t love it. Do you remember Mother always reading a book. I think I am like her now. She read a ton as a child and it just carried over into adulthood. Well, it sounds like you are doing well, I’m glad to hear it. Take good care. Until next time, love, Beth


It is January

I got your phone message. All is well here. I am glad to have the holidays over. Fun to have, but great to get behind me. So many obligations and expectations, but a nice distraction to have during the winter. It sounds like you had a great Christmas. I’m so glad to hear it. Have you read any good books lately? I just finished “In the Garden of Beasts”. It is about the American ambassador and his family in 1933 in Germany. It tells of their personal story of the rise of Hitler. I found it to be fasinating reading. I also just finished “Highest Duty” by Sullenberger. It is the true story of the pilot who ditched his plane in the Hudson River in Jan 2009. It was a great, fun and easy read. Do you ever get library books there? I love a library book. Free, great entertainment. Feel free to write poetry on any subject you want. That is the beautiful thing about being an author, writing whatever comes to you. Hope you have a great January. Love, Beth