Spring is here

Hello Steve,

Well, I guess spring is here and the years roll on. I hear the Oklahoma teachers have been on strike. It is so hard to make ends meet and teachers need more money. They are doing their part to shape the next generation and they probably feel unappreciated. Hopefully, Oklahoma will be able to satisfy the teacher’s demands. It is so hard to balance it all, isn’t it?

Do you follow politics? President Trump is quite the character. I believe the people voted for him as a novelty and also because of his promise to bring jobs back to America. I sure hate his tweets and the name-calling. I would feel better about his job performance if he didn’t talk like a jerk!

I am doing pretty well for someone who has Multiple Sclerosis. I often feel very tired, like right now! But life and its demands keep going. I’ll just continue to do the best I can.

I’m glad you are doing well. Keep it up and God bless you and all those who work so hard to take care of you.




Merry Christmas

Hi Steve,

I’m glad you got your money gift for your birthday and Christmas. Merry Christmas and happy birthday!

I spent 4 days in the hospital including on my birthday! I was in extreme abdominal pain and went to the emergency room. It turns out I had an infected gallbladder with stones stuck in the bile duct. The surgeon said it was the largest gallbladder he has ever removed in his 10 years of surgery doing an average of one gallbladder removal per day. He said there were at least 10,000 gallstones. It took him 3 hours instead of the normal 1 hour. I’ve had stomach problems off and on through the years. The doctor says that I should have a new lease on life.

I’m still not 100% recovered but doing pretty well. I was on narcotics for 5 days and had to have 3 procedures under anesthesia which means it will take a few more weeks to get my intestines back in good working order. I don’t understand how people can get addicted to narcotics. They made me so nauseous, I was taking other drugs trying to control the nausea. So, no narcotics for me!!

I’m glad you’ve got cooler weather, what a relief to be well past summer. I’m glad you got a haircut and that you go to church. I believe in God and his promises for a bright eternal future. That is my hope and prayer for you too!

Love, Beth

Fall is Almost Here

It is good to see that you are here. I’m sorry about the diabetes. I’m glad that you can take a pill to lower your blood sugar. I gave up on the Lipitor, it gave me stomach problems. I need to go see the doctor again and talk about it again. I’m not overweight but I do eat too many hamburgers. All that red meat probably gives me the high cholesterol. 🙂

I’m sure you have seen the news in Houston. The flooding is crazy. There is no messing with Mother Nature. She is merciless and powerful. We should count our blessings that we don’t live there.

It has been a long hot summer. I am looking forward to cooler weather and my favorite month of the year: September. I love September because it isn’t too hot, there isn’t the pressure to have the fun of summer and there is no pressure to start holiday planning. It is when the kids go back to school and everyone is excited for new beginnings.

I’m glad you live where you are taken care of. That is a real blessing to have a roof over your head and food in your belly. Take good care and enjoy fall.



Spring is in the Air

Hello Steve,

It is nice to finally be getting past winter, isn’t it? It was a really hard winter and I think everyone is glad to be looking towards spring and summer.

Do you follow politics at all? It is a little crazy. I just read a list to make your life better and one of the things to do is to not watch the TV news. Just read the news in the morning and be done with it.

I’m glad you got my birthday and Christmas gifts. That all seems like so long ago doesn’t it?

I’ve been dieting the last few weeks. I picked up a few pounds after Thanksgiving and Christmas and it is time to get those pounds off. I follow a diet plan that I eat 500 calories every other day. And then the next day, I eat whatever I want. It is called the Every Other Day Diet. It works fairly well since you only really suffer every other day. I did this last year and took off 25 pounds. I have a friend who did this and lost 40 pounds. There is science behind it done at the University of Illinois. If you are a man, you do 600 calories every other day.

I also just started taking Lipitor for my high cholesterol and I’m not sure I’m going to be able to tolerate it. It makes me very tired and gave me a stomachache last night. I’ve never done a cholesterol drug before but my doctor recommends it.

Well, that is about all for me. Just pressing forward doing the best I can.




Winter is Coming!

Hi Steve,

Well, summer came and went and so did Fall. But actually, winter doesn’t start for a month. Your birthday is coming right up! I’m putting a card in the mail today with $50.00 for your birthday and Christmas. Happy birthday! Merry Christmas!

Yes, I dropped quite bit of weight this year. About 25 pounds which has really helped my feet. I’m having some physical therapy and they are breaking up some tight facia in my calves that causes some of my posterior tibial tendinitis. It really hurts at the time, but seems to help later.

Well, the election results were no surprise to me. I felt it in my gut and thought the polls were wrong. Typically the country swings back and forth between Democrats and Republicans every 8 years – so I think it was that simple.

I would be delighted with a simple poem for my birthday and Christmas. Just post it in the reply to this.

Happy birthday and Merry Christmas again. God bless you and all those around you.

Love, Beth

Summer is almost over

Hi Steve,

I’m sorry to hear that you probably have Alzheimer’s. That is the pits. I’m glad you pray. Prayer is a lifeline. I pray almost daily and am glad I do. It keeps away depression and sadness and God shows his hand in my life often. The weather is hot everywhere. God knew what he was doing when he made 4 seasons. We all get tired of each and every season. Except for fall, that could last a little longer. I’m also tired of the heat. Soon it will be September and heading into fall and winter. But I will say, summer goes by fast. Are you listening to all the politics? We will have a very interesting election year. I typically vote conservative and will likely vote for Trump, but I need and appreciate my health insurance (Obamacare) which helps me with my exorbitant drug costs ($6,200 a month). Trump wants to get rid of it. Health care costs are ridiculous, especially drug costs. But, really only the voters in Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania count this year because of the electoral college. Your state and my state are likely to vote Republican, so it is really the swing states that will determine the election outcome. Well, that is about it. I better publish this right now. My internet is really bad. It is only good early in the morning before everyone in the neighborhood wakes up and turns on Netflix for the kids. Then it goes to nonexistent!

Spring is Here

Hello, Steve! Wow, a record! 3 replies to a post. It sounds like you are doing well. I’m glad to hear it. I am doing fairly well, not healed of multiple sclerosis, but doing very well for a 58 year old woman. What more could I ask? I’ve lost 13 pounds since last December, with about 10 more to go to hit my goal weight. My feet have been a chronic problem, with multiple sclerosis and flat feet, they don’t work well and hurt often. So, my committed efforts to lose weight are to help my feet feel better. And so that I can keep out of a wheelchair. It is nice to be having nicer weather. This winter has been long and dark and cold. But it makes us appreciate Spring all that much more! And then comes Summer, which is usually too hot! We are sure complainers, aren’t we?! It is just good to be alive and appreciating each and every day. Every day has a blessing in it and a sign of God’s hand in our lives. I challenge you to reflect on each day’s blessing and to be a blessing to others. A cheerful greeting, a sincere and sweet hello, a kind compliment, a thoughtful gesture, all these things testify of God’s love to another person. I hope you have a good spring and can maintain your good attitude and grateful heart. Love, Beth